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Lorenz Wied

About me - Mag. Lorenz Wied

is the only person who works with the acclaimed originator of Positioning and Differentiation Jack Trout since the turn of the Millennium. He rolled out the strategic concept of Positioning and Differentiation in Middle Europe. Today he is the most experienced expert on Positioning and Differentiation. Together with Jack Trout he wrote and localized several bestselling books on Positioning and Differentiation in German language. He co-authored Positioning

Wie Marken und Unternehmen in übersättigten Märkten überleben, 2012 (Positioning – The Battle for the Mind, 1981) and Differenzierung im Hyperwettbewerb – Der Schlüssel für das Überleben von Marken, 2009 (Differentiate or Die), which both are among the best 100 Business Books of all time.

Recognized as Europe’s foremost Positioning strategist, Lorenz Wied has over 20 years of experience in Strategy and Marketing, and became a boardroom advisor to some of Europe’s largest corporations. His worldwide consulting network gives him first-hand experience in a wide range of marketing scenarios. His hands-on approach is well received in Europe’s Start-Up businesses to gain momentum and grow faster than expected and leverage the success of new businesses.
Together with Jack Trout and other talented consultants on all five continents, Lorenz Wied has established the World’s largest Differentiation Lab to learn from what works and what does not work long-term. Lorenz Wied and Jack Trout are working together since almost 20 years.