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Business Models

Since more than 10 years IBM and renown consultants state that innovative business models generate higher profits than product- or service-innovations.

The US retail guru Paco Underhill predicted bigger changes during the next ten years in retail, than the last 100 years. By the end of last year the five most valuable companies were Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. They all have highly digital business models. It all began when Konrad Zuse developed the first “digital” machine in 1941 with his colleagues.

The company of the 21st Century

Business models should create and deliver superior customer value and make a profit. Companies like Walmart, Migros, Starbucks, Billa, Spar, H&M or Zara conquered their markets with new business models more than 50 years ago. Back then we called this structure. Digitalization opens a new chapter for businesses. Amazon, Alibaba or Zalando are transforming the business world forever.

Companies with innovative, digital business models will not only squeeze others out of the market, they will replace them completely. Many vertical companies like H&M, Inditex, Benetton, GAP, food retailers and many more are running into trouble. How can they best build a digital business logic without closing down thousands of their own stores. Online stores don’t need to think about rental contracts or franchise contracts. IKEA wants to sell furniture on Amazon now.

”A Business Model describes the rationale of how an Organization creates, delivers and captures Value“. Osterwalder und Pigneur, 2010

Connecting consumers with producers is reality through digitalization. This is the ultimate 1 to 1 communication, the biggest challenge for all the other businesses.

We are working with companies since 20 years on development and implementation of business models. Starting with a clear differentiating position and why customers should buy from you and not from a competitor. Today there is another very important WHY. Why should people prefer your company to work for instead of another attractive company.

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Digitalization is especially important for companies with existing business. SKIDATA is a great example how digitalization is embedded in each product and service for ticketing and parking solutions. SKIDATA invented electronic access systems.

Digital differentiation - Positioning - Lorenz Wied

They are the Pioneers. And the always are in the lead to innovate their systems first. Mobile and online solutions are state of the art and offer more convenience and safety for the customer.

Digital Differentiation – Mag. Lorenz Wied-Baumgartner – Digital Differentiation