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Digital Differentiation

you want to book your next flight, business or holiday – are you still going to a travel agency?
Most likely not. Online is faster and cheaper too. And the online price comparisons give you an even better deal. You need a book – where will you buy it? Online for the same reasons.

The company of the 21st Century

UBER Taxi operates the world’s largest fleet of Taxis, without owning one. AirBNB offers rooms and apartments, without owning a single room. Drones, 3D printers, robots, the internet of things and big data are affecting every aspect of your current business. Job profiles are changing rapidly. Completely new jobs are created, others will disappear as digitalization sets in.

You think this is apocalyptic? Let’s take a look at the ranking of the worlds most valuable companies. Top rung is Alphabet, the Google holding. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook. Where are the big players like Coca Cola, IBM, and Exxon Mobil? Not in the top 4 rungs.

Digital technologies and tools are changing the economic characteristics of products, markets or industries more than ever before.

The company of the 21st century plays digital to differentiate

Many entrepreneurs still don’t have digitalization on their daily agenda. They still don’t Think Different, the new the digital change. But Digitalization is huge opportunity for companies to innovate business logics, processes, organizational structures and workplaces.
Researchers say that up to 60% of jobs will not be the same until 2030. This has a huge impact on the Position of a company.

With a simple process for digital Differentiation we develop a plan how you can become a company of the 21st century and how you can differentiate digitally. We look at your business logic, your sales channels and your marketing to develop a digital roadmap together with you.

The question before the house is: “Where is the business?” The answer is: Today it is a competition of the best differentiated Business Logic, not a price competition.

Digital has to fit with your Position still.

You want to discuss the digital opportunities with us.

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Digitalization is especially important for companies with existing business. SKIDATA is a great example how digitalization is embedded in each product and service for ticketing and parking solutions. SKIDATA invented electronic access systems.

Digital differentiation - Positioning - Lorenz Wied

They are the Pioneers. And the always are in the lead to innovate their systems first. Mobile and online solutions are state of the art and offer more convenience and safety for the customer.

Digital Differentiation – Mag. Lorenz Wied-Baumgartner – Digital Differentiation