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Market Positioning

A successful market positioning reflects what your company or brand stands for in the minds of your customers. It should give the customer a reason to buy. It’s the brand promise. Fulfilling this promise makes a word a brand. This can take 20 years to build. And five minutes to ruin it. When you make a mistake you put your market positioning on the brink. Today you rarely get it back. The power about the image of your brand has dramatically shifted towards the consumer.

Positioning today is the decisive reference point for the company to have a unique, digitally driven business logic to create, deliver and capture superior value for your customers and your company. The entire company, with structure, processes, teams, innovation and it’s culture is bound to work towards this positioning idea to really make a disruptive difference. Whay you need the digital tools today is, because they can make processes a lot more easy and much more convenient for the buyer. But also for the seller it becomes a lot easier to put your service on offer. Entirely new business logics are created that way. Amazon, Google, Zalando, airline tickets, furniture, real estate, stock-brokers, they all built their Difference with digital tools. They were first and they were fast too.

Market Positioning- Mag. Lorenz Wied-Baumgartner – Market Positioning

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A One or Two or Something New

As it is in search engine results it is in markets. You better have a position No. 1 or No. 2. Otherwise you are not seen and heard in the marketplace, and the search engine results either. Competition takes place online and offline today.
What we’ve experienced is that if you are way down in the mental product ladder or search list you need to get out of that competitive set and create a new category for to become the No. 1.
It’s a mental game with the mind of your customers. From our Differentiation lab we see five emerging ways to differentiate in the mind of the prospect. Business Logic, Being First or a Specialist, Leadership – quality, technology, innovation, quantity, revenue – and Attribute.

Price is a trap

Competition today is so intense, because price is the dominant reason to offer a product or service. In some cases a lower price is the result of a new and disruptive business logic as from H&M, Zara, UBER, AirBNB. This puts traditional companies in difficulties. But in general it’s not price. The exact opposite proves to be the foundation of long-term success. It’s about being Better before Cheaper – Compete on Differentiators other than Price – and Revenue before Cost – that is prioritize increasing revenue before reducing cost (HBR 2013).

It’s not a price competition. It’s a competition of Business Logics and Differentiation.

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Market Positioning- Mag. Lorenz Wied-Baumgartner – Market Positioning