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Silicon Valley Management Style

“It’s a race of management methods, not products or services!”

Gary Hamel

Key is management and leadership, according to Management guru Gary Hamel’s “Future of Management”. A recent study on management shows that 56% of managers apply agile management. The mentioned methods are rather very operational tools, but not innovative in terms of leadership for the entire company.

Google, Intel, Youtube are working with a methodology, developed at Google from Andy Grove. Andy is the father of OKRs. This is a critical thinking approach looking for two essential questions.

  1. Watt is it that we are doing here?
  2. How can we measure making progress?

Offering a purpose for each individual in a company why they should come to work every morning and making clear what their particular job is, makes more sense to people than a higher salary.

You want to survive in a global competition. This is impossible with yesterday’s methods managing the company.

We are in a competition of leadership methods. An innovative management method ist the strongest factor for differentiation and success of a company. Stronger the products or processes.

Most companies need to change to arrive in the 21st century. Everything is up for transformation including business-models.

Leadership in the 21st century

The key is, how manager lead their people to make them happy. Happy employees make customers happy. OKRs are the best approach to get this done.

The best people are heading where the best companies offer jobs.

“The are so many people out there working hard and not achieving much.”

“Andy Grove”

The Quintessence of 21st century Leadership?

What is your differentiating Position? What is your story? What is the message for employees? What are your beliefs, your values?

We help leaders, companies, brands and people to develop their way of OKRs.
With OKRs  you can change style, agility, speed, effectiveness and purpose of your company.

We are there to help you get it tailored to your company.

You want try OKRs as a first step. Just give us a call. We’re ready to show you how.

We’re happy to propose how we can work together.

Case: Sonnentor

The SONNENTOR business idea is based on the concept of supporting small rural structures, which have a long-standing tradition in the Waldviertel district. To date, this business model has been the foundation of the ongoing success of the brand. For the continuous and consistent social and environmental commitment to regional suppliers Sonnentor was honored with numerous awards. Today contracts with more than 180 local and regional farmers are the foundation for constant quality.
With a 50 percent market share in the specialized organic trade (tea and spices, not including food trade), SONNENTOR is leading the market. In Germany, the company holds a 25 percent market share and ranks in the top 3.
Johnny Gutmann, the founder demonstrates that organic farming and a continuous strategic development can differentiate in a difficult industry.

Disruptive Differenzierung - Unternehmen Sonnentor

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