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“Who is telling the best story, owns the world”


A customer is so exited about your product that he tells his friends – also via social media. Likes and recommendations create more attention for your product. Isn’t that what you are after? But how do you get there? What is your story?

How can you create a story that gets told a thousand times because it is a damn good story. The best companies in the world are telling the best stories. It needs a clear positioning idea to put an anchor in the prospects mind. From there you can create the why, the principles, the values of the company and your story!

Even the company culture is triggered by the corporate story. Employees need to identify with the company first to tell a great story to the customer. They need to be able to convey the mission of the company in every aspect of the commercialization strategy. Then you get your story shared with friends.

Storytelling is telling a different story why customers should buy from you, what your beliefs are and what you think about the business. You need to tell key moments, talk about your mission in a concise way. Nobody is interested in what you are selling. It’s the why that makes people remember your story.


A different story needs a different Positioning Idea

Together with you we first develop a differentiating Positioning idea and a different story that sticks in the mind of customers. We are using dramaturgy from Hollywood answering these questions first:

  • Is the communication reflecting your position?
  • Is your story appealing to the ear and the mind of the customer?
  • Is your story around WHY you are in this business?
  • Is your story-doing in line with your story-telling?

You want to work with us on your differentiating story.

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Case: Lindpointner – Manutronic Automation

Manutronic Automation vs. Special Machinery

Lindpointner is a well-known name for garage doors. And they were selling Special Machinery, with big difficulties. Are you selling garage doors? No. Robots? No. CNC integration of industrial manufacturing belts? No.

Creating a new customer was a nightmare, because they could not explain what they were doing. Integration of manual production steps into a fully automated manufacturing belt.

With best available laser-, mechatronic and micro-electronic technology. From there Manutronic Automation was developed as the short version of the long story. This enables them to tell what the make different in 3 seconds. Getting new customers never was that easy before. The company is constantly growing since then.

Storytelling – Mag. Lorenz Wied-Baumgartner – Storytelling