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Strategic Differentiation

The key to Positioning

An Italian shoe brand – GEOX uses “breathes” as a slogan or differentiator next to the brand name. And they are one of the most successful shoe brands. “Lasting up to 4 times longer” is the slogan for Duracell since 1964. Why do these two companies build their business on one idea? Simple. Both ideas are differentiating, so they can ask a little more for, because the offer more. What’s behind these ideas is not only a few words. It’s a coherent positioning strategy to differentiate the company.

Without Differentiation no Positioning, without Positioning no reason to buy. Without Differentiation brands become weak and turn to placeholders, become commodities and run into the price trap. Price wars are the result of imitation and a lack of differentiation from the relevant competitors. Differentiation is the cornerstone of successful strategy.
“There is no such thing as a commodity. All goods and services are differentiable.” Ted Levitt, late Editor of HBR.

Simply put: If there is no such thing as a commodity, what does that mean for you?

How can you differentiate your product or brand?

What is your core competence, what makes you different from your competitive set? How different, how convenient is it to make business with you? What’s your answer?

Since more than 20 years we develop differentiation strategies with a simple 4-step process.
This delivers the differentiating strategy and the strategic milestones including the business logic and a simple to communicate story. We also develop the story doing agenda how to bring your strategy to life and your product or service to market.

Get out of the commodity trap and differentiate your company. Differentiation and core competencies drive strategies. Uniqueness and Differentiation are more important than market share and growth.

You want us to look at your Differentiation potential.

We’re happy to propose how we can work together.

Strategic Differentiation

A kitchen is a difficult decision in Europe when furnishing an apartment or a house. A decision needs to be taken early on for water and energy installations. The decision on furniture and colors are following later. So you want more time to change details for the kitchen. This is what HAKA is offering. HAKA can produce a complete kitchen – made to measure – in 9 days. This can only be delivered as the entire company is geared to this positioning concept. Sales, Production, Logistics and Installing.

“Uniqueness and Differentiation are more important than Market Share and Growth!”

“Core Competencies and Differentiation drive Strategies””
Enduring Success, 2007

Strategic differentiation - consulting & implementation
Strategic differentiation - consulting & implementation

Positioning is how you Differentiate in the mind of the Customer!

How you capture value with a sound business Logic.

It’s not about what you want to do.

It’s about what competition will let you do!

Strategic Differentiation – Mag. Lorenz Wied-Baumgartner – Strategic Differentiation