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Strategic Positioning

is how you Differentiate in the Mind of the Customer

The most important question is how to create value for your customer and make money delivering that value. The answer today is: You need a strategic position as the focal point to generate your business logic in order to deliver what you promise.

An example: You sure bought from one of the discount stores as, Aldi, H&M, IKEA, El Corte Ingles, Hofer, Carrefour, Migros or Wal-Mart. As a customer you know that the prices at these stores are really low. And as a businessman you know that discount companies have a different business logic to make money at low prices. The same goes for Amazon, AirBNB and Uber, or low-cost airlines as Ryanair or Southwest. Even if the big advantage of these companies seems price: The main topic for a differentiating Position in a global competition is not the lowest price. The big issue is Business Logic.

Positioning is how you Differentiate in the mind of the Customer! How you capture value with a sound business Logic. It’s not about what you want to do. It’s about what competition will let you do!

What about your company? Does your Business logic fit your Positioning? Is your innovation geared to that? Is your company different enough to be stored in the mind of your customers? And is your positioning so clear that your employees why they want to work for you and not for your competitor?

Our methodology Symposition® was developed to work with you from the outside in, based on your core competences. We develop your positioning strategy together and make a plan how your company can differentiate from now on, and what business logic is needed to deliver value and make money.

Strategic Positioning – Mag. Lorenz Wied-Baumgartner – Strategic Positioning

You want us to look at your Differentiation potential.

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Nine years ago INFRANORM® changed everything, except what made them different – their core competence. Company name, claim, product range, go to market approach, communication and they created a differentiating position.
Today INFRANORM® is the leading specialist in Infrastructure technology and helps production companies to reduce energy cost, increase safety and function of production processes. This way the contribute significantly that the production company makes money. Today the product range is 80% smaller, sales went up 700%.
Numerous renowned awards confirm the excellent performance of this company.

Strategic Positioning /

Strategische Positionierung am Beispiel von INFRANORM

“Think Infranomic!”

Strategic Positioning / Case: Rayjet®

Strategische Positionierung Rayjet
Strategic positioning of companies - Mag Wied

Case: Rayjet®

With the Rayjet® Trotec® wanted to launch a product for the entry market for laser-cutting, -engraving, and –marking devices that is better than any other product in the market. The Rayjet® is the first product that can be operated without instruction, without installation procedures, and has no maintenance requirements. Even the laser is maintenance free. The sales projections were too low.

Strategic Positioning – Mag. Lorenz Wied-Baumgartner – Strategic Positioning